Truth Is…

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Truth Is…

truth is, you were an outcast, lonely and pushed back, feeling so small
truth is, you were invisible, unnoticed and miserable, a fly on a wall
truth is, you never had much, reclusive and out of touch, nobody got you
truth is, you weren’t even needed, always mistreated, black and blue

truth is, you couldn’t handle it, no they just wouldn’t quit, or leave you alone
truth is, confusion was setting in, knew that you couldn’t win, out on your own
truth is, you tried to ignore it, but you couldn’t forget, you’re not that tough
truth is, the sticks and the stones, cut right to the bone, you had enough

take it all away, the pain that haunts
all the things you hate, it’s just too much
all the lies and the shame, and the hurt and the blame
can’t hold on no more
take it all away

truth is, the pressure was building, and your head was filling, with all of their lies
truth is, your heart was aching, insanity glazing over your eyes
truth is, you needed to stop it, just couldn’t stop it, out of control
truth is, your world’s turning black now, no turning back now, or saving your soul

truth is, your mind was racing, manic and pacing, ready to end it all
truth is, went to the closet, that’s when you saw it, your father’s gun
truth is, felt you were breaking, hands started shaking, metal so cold
truth is, you pulled that trigger, you didn’t figure, you’d feel the bullet

take it all away, the pain that haunts
all the things you hate, it’s just too much
take it all away, its all I want
all the things they say, it hurts too much
all the lies and the shame, and the hurt and the blame
can’t hold on no more
take it all away

truth is, you weren’t really hated, it’s your friends that saved you, tackled you to the floor
truth is, the bullet it missed you, death only kissed you, letting you go
truth is, it wasn’t worth it, life isn’t perfect, despite what you think
truth is, you were loved, and no matter what, nobody wants you gone

© Marcella Fruehan
Lyrics: M Fruehan, J Goode, B Prakope


Podcasts, iTunes and Universities

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Anyone else taking advantage of the iTunes/University partnerships? Right now, I’m downloading Stanford University’s “The American Founders and their World (HIST151)” course. These are the audio lectures:

  1. Jefferson, Madison and the Problem of Slavery in an Empire of Liberty
  2. How Radical was the Revolution and how Reactionary was the Constitution?
  3. When Abigail and John met George and Charlotte, or, The American Rebellion Viewed from London
  4. Washington’s Frontier and Hamilton’s Marketplace: Visions of Post-Revolutionary Greatness

Each lecture is approx 2 hours, and they whole thing is free to anyone with an iTunes account… also free. They’re pretty cool, and courses are available in nearly every subject. There are audio and video presentations, depending on the course.

Am I the only one listening to these?

Perspective. Or, Yes, Size Matters.

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Panel Report: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (Just Laugh)

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Lifted gratefully from The Banterist.

Panel Report: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

PostSecret and Me

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My Sunday mornings always start with a visit to the PostSecret site. And from time to time, I read a submission that could have come from me. This is one of those times.

The one thing that saved my life is keeping me from the one thing I want to do with it.

I honestly believe that the Marine Corps saved my life. Before I joined, I was just going through the motions, checking days off of a mental calendar. A part of me knew that I was not long for this world and that, inevitably, I would take myself out of it. Then along came SSgt Rick Blevins and a chance to join the Corps. And finally, I found an opportunity to shine. And I did. But it was also the Marine Corps that prevented me from doing the one thing that I really wanted to do with my life, which was to find the man that I was meant to be with. I desperately wanted to find a partner and live my life as it was meant to be lived, with love and passion. But the Marine Corps was not the place for a gay man to love another man openly and honestly.

As we all know, ultimately, I did find what I was looking for. But it came nearly a decade after leaving the Corps. I wouldn’t change my past, because I love who I am and the life I have. But my buttons are still pushed when I see a Post Secret like this one.

Productivity in 11 Words

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Courtesy of Skelliwag.

One thing at a time.

Most important thing first.

Start now.

As brilliant as it is simple.

I’m on Photobomb.

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There’s a fun website called The site features fun pictures of surprising additions to photographs.  I submitted a photo from our Hawaii vacation and they added it to their site. You can see, comment on and vote for it here.

This is the pic. Funny, huh?

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