I’m a pretty selfish person, at least where my own blog is concerned. This is the place where it’s all about me. But sometimes, I’m willing to step out of the spotlight and let someone else be the center of attention. And right now, that someone is my friend, Tommie. Unless you have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know her, you can’t really understand how truly amazing she is. But I’m going to try and explain. It won’t be enough – words just can’t substitute for the real thing – but I’ll do my best.

I first met Tommie when she was behind the bar at the Bamboo Lounge. I had been looking for a new place for Saturday brunch, and a few minutes chatting with Tommie convinced me that I had found the place. She was friendly, funny, and (most importantly) unwilling to let our mimosa glasses get even half empty. In other words, she was perfect. That first brunch became another brunch became regular brunch became “I’m inviting 40-something of my closest friends to all have brunch… make room.” And she did.

But here’s the shocking part. It isn’t the mimosa that makes Tommie so incredible. It is her heart and her spirit and her absolute love for life and everyone around her. She’s infectious, a constant attitude adjustment that makes me feel like I should be a better person when I’m around her.

You want examples? Sure. I got plenty. Just today, someone pissed me off, and I was completely justified in my desire to smack ’em upside the head. Tommie’s response? “Wow, he must have felt really embarrassed over what he did to behave that way.” She wasn’t judging me for being mad, but in her own way she was pointing out that it wasn’t worth my time to worry over it. Not too long ago, another friend had really hurt me with something she did. Tommie’s comment? “Oh, she’s such a great person. She must really be going through so much if she is acting like that.”

Tommie isn’t a doormat and she doesn’t let people take advantage of her. She isn’t like that. It’s just that she cares so much for people, wants to see the good in them, that she somehow makes you see it, too. She makes a conscious decision to see the best in others, and that is a reminder to the rest of us that there’s still some good to be seen.

She also makes me laugh. A lot. Her Facebook comments and status updates are alternatingly playful, caring, funny, and crazy. Want examples of those? Sure. I can do that, too.

  • Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! I just got invited to the wedding of the year 🙂 hee
  • gots tah be positive! 🙂 life is always as good as you look at it…see bad, feel bad – see good, feel good!
  • hm. goin to sleep in neglected sweats. G`nite & thank you All my Beautiful B-day Lovahs 🙂
  • even though i hafta wake up before the crack tomorrow, watching the whole LOTR trilogy tonight. Silencio! MiddleEarth can always lay claim to my nerdy soul.
  • Uh! Alright already…ntn-TAH…Jeez!!! *imagine there`s sum head waggin & pursing of lips being done in tandem here** I AM going all crouching tiger, hiding a dragon tonight…AND i think there might even be some jello wrestling involved before the evening is through. so there.
  • Alien night. Chowing on Mongolian & relocating to District 9. I hope Mateo adjusts to the schools there? 😉

Ah, yes. Mateo. The other wonderful thing about Tommie. She is raising a son who is gentle and strong, smart and smart alecky, wise and a wise ass, fun and funny, kind and respectful. He says please and thank you and nice to see you again and thank you for inviting us into your home. Who has kids like that these days? Well, Tommie does. She is raising that young boy into an amazing young man, and he is a reflection of all the good that she is.

I don’t really know what all has prompted me to write about Tommie. But I just felt like I needed to, so I did. Tommie, my friend, I hope you know how much you are loved by those lucky enough to know you. You are a breath of fresh air, an open heart, and a kind soul. I consider myself blessed to know you.